In 1998, in Polverigi, Italy, during a meeting of the IETM International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts, an informal group of artists and arts professionals from the Mediterranean region, founded what two years later (2000)  became DBM Danse Bassin Méditerranée, an international non-profit association (AISBL) under Belgian law.

Between 2000 and 2015, DBM has developed various international programs that have fostered the development of contemporary performing arts in the Mediterranean region. 

During this period, DBM  has co-produced over 125 creations by artists from South Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, supporting as well the realization of various international festivals, training and research programs  in the region.

(1) SEK SEK by  Mustafa Kaplan & Filiz Sizanli. A co-production D.BM - Danse Bassin Méditerranée
Above all, DBM has organized a vital series of international professional meetings that have highly contributed to fostering the exchange and dialogue between hundreds of performing arts professionals - artists, curators, producers and scholars - from the region and beyond. Those meeting took place in: 

  • Casablanca /Morocco (2001)
  • Thessaloniki / Greece (2002)
  • Lisbon / Portugal (2002)
  • Amman / Jordan (2003) - cancelled some days before because of the outbreak of the Gulf War
  • Cagliari / Italy (2003)
  • Tunis / Tunisia (2004)
  • Girona / Spain (2004)
  • Istanbul / Turkey (2007)
  • Beirut / Lebanon (2007)
  • El Jadida / Morocco (2008)
  • Barcelona / Spain (2008)
  • Marrakech / Morocco (2009)
  • Istanbul / Turkey (2010) 
  • Beirut / Lebanon (2012)
  •  Cairo / Egpyt (2014)

After fifteen years of existence, DBM has realized that the network has fulfilled its mission: many artists from the region started to create and tour their work internationally, there was a boom of festivals, venues, artists, networks, training programs, and residencies spaces in many Mediterranean countries. A diverse and vibrant community that was unexisting and hard to imagine in the first years of DBM. In 2015, following a decision of the DBM membership, DBM was dissolved as an association
DBM is deeply thankful to all the institutions that have supported the network since 2000. 

Funders and sponsors (2000-2015):  

European Commission / Culture 2000
European Commission / Culture 2007-2013
European Union External Action Service
Anna Lindh Foundation
European Cultural Foundation
French Ministry of Culture
Spanish International Cooperation Agency
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Roberto Cimetta Fund

DBM Board of Directors  (2008- 2014)

Rui Silveira (PT/DE) - President
Zeynep Günsür Yüceil (TK), Vice-President
Medie Megas (GR)- Secretary 
Malek Sebai (TN) - Treasurer
Khaled Ellayan (PS)- Member of the Board
Brahim Sourny (MA) - Member of the Board

DBM Founding members:  

Zeïneb Farhat (TN)
Nevenka Koprivšek (SI)
Lahcen Zinoun (MA)
Kilina Crémona (FR)
Mark Deputter (PT)
Mónica Lapa (PT)
Ornella d’Agostino (IT)
Mona Knio (LB) 

DBM Meetings in Morocco , Barcelona and Cairo © DBM